One of the key strengths of Fedy S.r.l. is the design of industrial wooden packages, which are “special” due to their huge dimension and/or heavy load.

Large industrial wooden packages

The dimensions of the wood packaging make the packaging itself “special”. There are, indeed, products which a huge dimension that require an accurate design to be packaged: Fedy S.r.l. guarantees and assures safe and stable wooden containers, independently of the contents’ sizes.

Heavy industrial wooden packages

Another important element to be considered when talking of “special” packages, is the weight product. Indeed, the load to be contained is a specification of utmost importance and as a consequence assumes a pivotal role for the design and scheduling activities.


After scheduling, projecting and producing the packages, besides to curate the direct delivery, Fedy S.r.l. makes available to its Customer fast shipments through its own carrier in order to bring Your product at Your headquarters (or where the wood packaging is destined to) or through its own means of transport for minor loads.


Since Fedy S.r.l. operates within the field of shipping and delivery, also by designing and furnishing specific wood containers, its knowledge and expertise are not limited to such supply of industrial wood packages, but rather they range and include the maximization and optimization of means of transport. It consists of carefully evaluating the loads with our Customer, the type of vehicle on which the loads will have their transportation and the itinerary as well, finding centimeters that make the difference; additionally, Fedy S.r.l. evaluates together with its Clients the possibility of multiple packages.


With the aim of preventing incidents, of reducing and minimizing load damages during the transfer and the handling, some lashing operations exist. Lashing consists of fixing and fastening down of wood containers to the means of transportation, so that to prevent jeopardization of goods inside packages.


Fedy S.r.l. makes available to its Clients a highly qualified staff that is able to package any kind of item with on-site interventions, that is operating directly where the products to be packaged are, with the aim of limiting the handling (and therefore the risks) with test once labor is finished.